Surfboard shapers on the Bellarine Peninsula

When it comes to surfing heritage, the Bellarine kinda plays second fiddle to the Surf Coast – yet the Peninsula boasts great shapers and awesome options for your next locally-made surfboard.

The three major surf zones on the Bellarine Peninsula are home to some truly outstanding shapers. Some craft their boards with a single pair of hands, others work with a talented crew of glassers, sanders and polishers – not to mention artists who can make your board really stand out, both in and out of the water.

As with most shapers, those on the Bellarine Peninsula typically service a loyal clientele of local surfers who need boards to suit local conditions or when heading off on surfari. So whether you need an Indo gun, a summer groveller, a performance log, or something to get you slotted at Beacon, these shapers can help you out.

Take a look at their profiles on social media and if you like what you see, organise to drop in for a yarn. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship. And it could elevate your surfing beyond your wildest expectations.

Our list of quality surfboard shapers on the Bellarine Peninsula is grouped by location, in alphabetical order – no favouritism is intended or implied.

Barwon Heads shaper

The pretty “village by the sea” is where you’ll find exorbitant house prices and stunning line ups along 13th Beach. The main strip boasts two surf shops selling stock boards, including Beau Young Surfboards, and legendary local shaper Nick McAteer lives in the hood.

NMC Surfboards

Nick McAteer heads up the team that works magic on the whole gamut of surfboards whether it’s a shortboard, longboard, fish, hybrid or a something to charge the big stuff.

Ocean Grove shapers

Across the bridge from Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove is on the fast track to become a city by sea. Ocean Grove Main Beach is the best surf spot for beginners and longboarders. The town’s local shapers are located a few minutes drive north of the beaches.

4D Surfboards

Simon Forward is the shaper of choice for a lot of Ocean Grove locals – young and old.

Cory Surfboards

Another reliable shaper popular with the Bellarine’s more performance-oriented surfers.

Pale Horse Surfboards

If you’re after a longer board, give Matt Shay a try.

Point Lonsdale shapers

Adjoined to the retirement hub of Queenscliffe, Point Lonsdale is renowned for its rock pools, blue-ringed octopi and for having some of the Bellarine’s more fickle surf spots. Contact the shapers to set up an appointment – Phipps flits between Europe and Australia (ah, the life).

DmG Shapes and Designs

For customs or a ding fix, Dean Gladman’s all over it in Lonnie.

Phipps Surfboards

Mark Phipps is a globally renowned shaper who operates out of Lonnie when he’s not overseas.