About us

Surfisms is a passion project that uses the skills I’ve learned in my career to help create the world I think we all want.

A Christmas photo of Britney Spears with the face of Craig - Surfisms founder

As a creative copywriter and content designer, I’ve had the pleasure of crafting stories that entertain, inform, sell, and inspire.

In 2017, after years of living in London and Melbourne, I returned to the coast so my son could experience growing up by the ocean. My Dad always said I’d end up as a beach bum – and I wish I’d embraced that destiny early on, instead of sacrificing many years of waves for jobs I won’t remember.

I created Surfisms to fulfil my personal need to yarn about surfing, and to promote a philosophical need to encourage more surfers to connect with local shapers – so they are more likely to surf the right boards, learn, and be better surfers, all of which benefits local line-ups and coastal communities.

At its heart, Surfisms is about the value of connection between those who love to surf: surfers, shapers, artists, and bums.

Our mission

To support surfers to be better in the water and on the land.

Our vision

A world where surfers buy from local shapers, have good insight into their surf-craft, and are knowledgeable on surf etiquette, history and culture.

Surfisms founder – Craig Scutt

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