Vic Shapers Interview Questions

We want to interview every surfboard shaper in Victoria.

Film interviews would be best – or by phone or email if that’s the only way.

Your unique answers will inform potential customers and (we hope) generate the spark of future surfer-shaper relationships.

When did you start shaping, why’d you get into it, what’s kept you at it?

If you didn’t make surfboards for a living, what would you be doing instead?

Do you have a particular approach, or philosophy, when it comes to shaping?

What makes a master shaper?

What does surfing mean to you and how has it shaped your journey?

What are your thoughts on volume and volume calculators?

What is your favourite type of board to shape / or what type of surfer is it fun to shape for?

Why should surfers buy a surfboard made by you?

If you had to choose between surfing a wave pool or having access to the ocean, but you couldn’t surf, which would you choose and why?

It’s 2050, what does shaping look like?

Lastly, are you keen to get on camera for future interview series?