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Use your About us section to tell surfers whatever they need to know. It could be about what you've achieved, your shaping philosophy, or a full-on ramble on concaves and fin placement - whatever you think will appeal to the surfboard-seeking surfer.

The more shapers I talk to, the more I realise most people can't be bothered creating an account and managing their listing themselves. Lol. If that's you, simply write your 'About us' and email it to info@surfisms.com. Then we'll upload it for you.

You can also send us any images you want added to your listing to create an image gallery like the one below. You might want to feature your board models, team riders, or your surfing hooch.

Once you create an account or email your About us content and images, we'll remove the 'Claim your listing' button from your page.

We believe our directory replaces the need for you to build and maintain a website, so you can focus on making boards (and social media), confident you'll be found by surfers on the search for a new local shaper.

Remember, it's free to be listed on Surfisms.

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