The term surfism was coined by core-lord and over-thinker Dan Webber in Surfism: the fluid foundation of consciousness. He describes “a philosophy that views existence in terms that correspond to surfing”. As surfers, I believe we each have our own surfisms – unique interpretations of what the ocean and wave-riding means to us. This website aims to explore these surfisms and unravel why surfing means so much to so many.

As a way to give back to the surfing community, we are creating a directory featuring every shaper on the planet. Right now, corporate and financial interests are seeking to concentrate shaping in factories far from any surf. We believe it is a crucial time for surfers to support manufacturers that keep shaping skills within surfing communities.

The art of board-making and wave-riding is a gift that has been passed on through countless generations. It has survived cultural and physical genocide, and proven to be more powerful than the pursuit of wealth, and even love.

There’s a lot more to surfing than surfing. So let’s find out…