Find local shapers in victoria

If you need a new board or repair, connect with one of these fine Victorian shapers – from Torquay and the Surf Coast to the Bellarine and Mornington Peninsulas.

Image courtesy of Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism

Victoria is home to some of the best shapers, glassers, polishers, sanders and surfboard artists in Australia.

The Education State is where you’ll find heaps of world-class talent dedicated to their craft.

If you are searching for a new surfboard that is expertly crafted, beautifully finished – with maybe a fabric inlay, go-faster pin lines, or a sexy splash of colour – then reach out to any (or all!) of the local shapers we have listed in Victoria.

These shapers will help you get the right surfboard under your feet, meaning more waves and more fun out in the water.

Victorian shapers who definitely do repairs

If you need a ding fixed, or even a major repair, these shapers can help you out: